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Albury Wodonga Scottish ​Highland Dance At Murray Youth Performing Arts

RAD Royal Academy of Dance
We have a number of Highland Dance classes available at our Albury Wodonga dance studio.This sophisticated form of national dancing originated in Scotland but is now performed across the world. While this style of dance is predominantly performed by females, the start of this style of dance rests with warriors imitating epic deeds from Scottish folklore. i.e. dancing over swords to celebrate victory at war. According to tradition, the old kings and clan chiefs used the Highland Games as a means to select their best men at arms, and the discipline required to perform the Highland dances allowed men to demonstrate their strength, stamina and agility. It is said that some of the dances date back to as early as 1573. The revival of Highland culture was supported by Queen Victoria. This revival saw the beginnings of the modern Highland games, which included Highland Dance Competitions. The dances have been refined over the years for competition purposes and are now a very intricate and technical style of dance. Murray Youth Performing Arts are in demand to perform traditional highland dances (along with bagpipers) at local Scottish events. If you would like to learn more about highland dancing please call us today.