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Murray Youth Performing Arts Dance Classes & Styles

Here at Murray Youth Performing Arts Albury/Wodonga we have large amount of classes and different dance styles available all ages, genders, and abilities. 

Classical Ballet

Here at Murray Youth our ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus from pre-primary to Advanced 2 levels. The syllabus incorporates classical ballet, free movement and character dance.

We also enable our ballet students to participate in graded examinations. Exams are excellent opportunities for students to work towards their dancing goals and feel a sense of achievement.

 All candidates who successfully participate in a RAD examination will receive a certificate of achievement and a breakdown of their result.


    We offer a variety of Jazz dance lessons for all age groups and experience levels.

    Jazz dance develops in parallel to popular music, with jazz being the physical embodiment of popular music at a given time. It continuously evolves and remains popular across all ages.

    Jazz dance requires a dancer to own their dancing with power, technique, confidence and style. Jazz incorporates strong performance aspects of dance. It includes technical jumps and turns with strong and sharp movements.



    Here at MYPA we offer Contemporary dance classes for a range of ages and abilities. Contemporary has grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. It had begun in the mid twentieth century originally based on classical, modern, and jazz styles continually developing overtime. It now incorporates many elements from other styles of dance.

    Contemporary dance is very strongly related to modern dance movements and classical concert dance. It combines strong but controlled movements of ballet as well as the free feeling in the torso. Movements such as floor work , contract and release, fall and recovery and also many improvisation characteristics are incorporated into this style of dance.


    Here at MYPA we are one of very few local providers of Tap dancing classes.

    Tap dancing has become a very distinct art form, and is seen in many musicals and artistic performances.

    Tap shoes have small metal plates that create an audible, percussive sound known as ‘tapping’. Performed with or without music, tap dancing is fun, energetic and great for developing rhythm.


    Our studio has a large range of Hip-hop classes for all age groups and abilities.

    Our hip-hop dance classes include a variety of different street dance styles, which are performed to age appropriate hip-hop music. 

    Musical Theatre

    At our studio we offer Musical Theatre classes for all ages. This is class that combines music, drama and dance together in a single lesson. Using songs from popular stage musicals, this is a fun and unique class that builds students’ performance skills and confidence. 



    Dance Acro

    New in 2021!

    MYPA is an official Acrobatic Arts recognised studio, following the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

     Acrobatic Arts is a program based on ensuring instructors deliver safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.


    At our studio we offer highland dance classes for a range of ages and abilities. We currently provide casual classes for those interested in a bit of fun and fitness, along with more structured classes for those who would like to attend competitions or undergo exams to progress to be teachers themselves.  

    Murray Youth Performing Arts are also regularly in demand to perform traditional highland dances (along with bagpipers) at local Scottish events including the Beechworth Tattoo. 

    Highland is a sophisticated form of national dancing originated in Scotland but is now performed across the world. The revival of Highland culture was supported by Queen Victoria. This revival saw the beginnings of the modern Highland games, which included Highland Dance Competitions. The dances have been refined over the years for competition purposes and are now a very intricate and technical style of dance.  


    Aimed at children age 2-4 AND YOU….. TOGETHER!  


    We also offer preschool programs, adult classes and full-time courses

    Preschool Programs

    Official location of the award winning dance program for toddlers aged 2-5

    Full-Time Dance Courses

    Nationally recognised training in Dance and Dance Teaching.

    Adult Dance Classes

    Social adult dance classes for a range of different abilities and experience levels. 
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